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At Heritage, our Scholarship offers Nursing at its BEST!

Open to all Nursing Employees:

  • CNA wanting to become an LPN
  • CNA wanting to become an RN
  • LPN wanting to become an RN
  • You must be accepted or enrolled into a Nursing Program, having completed ALL prerequisites & core classes.
  • You must have been continuously employed full time by a Heritage owned facility in the nursing department for at least (6) six months prior to upcoming fall semester.
  • You must have an exceptional work record and receive recommendation from your Administrator, Director of Nursing, Field Nurse Supervisor and either a past or current professor.
  • You must be enrolled in school on a full-time basis (9-12 credit hours).
  • You must have applied with FAFSA at and have printed copies of applying.
  • You must work at a Heritage owned facility a minimum of (3) three shifts per week while attending school full time.
  • You will receive your regular hourly rate for the hours you are in class.  You must submit your class schedule at the beginning of the semester to receive your pay while attending classes.
  • You will be required to sign a contract agreement upon being awarded the scholarship, which states that you will work for any Heritage owned facility for (2) two full years upon receiving your professional LPN/RN license.
  • A Scholarship committee will determine the best applicants for the nursing scholarships, based on recommendations, previous schooling, work performances and attitude.
  • There will be a maximum of ten (10) scholarships awarded this year.
  • The scholarship will cover all tuition, fees, books, lab costs and the time spent in the classroom at an approved Junior college. Four (4) year approved colleges paid at Junior college rates only.

Loan Forgiveness Program

New to the Heritage team? Are you a nurse who has student loan obligations?

If so, let Heritage help! With our Loan Forgiveness Program, Heritage will pay up to $5000 to assist with your student loan balance, in exchange for a two-year work commitment. This is a great opportunity to make a difference in the residents’ lives, while Heritage makes a difference in yours! The Loan Forgiveness Program is based on individual cases and applies to first time new hires only.

In-House Nurse Aide Certification Program

Heritage offers their own In-House Nurse Aide Certification Program to become certified through the state of Illinois.

As long as you are employed at a Heritage-owned or managed facility, you are eligible for the program! This six-week course focuses on the aspects of theory, clinical, Alzheimer’s and CPR. And, the best part, Heritage will cover the full cost of this class for you!